Cinna Meta Nana Milk (by Brandon)

Banana Strawberry Smoothie with Cinnamon

  • Tweak Flavor

    Does your mouth only respond to menthol? Or do you want to add a sour kick to a candy flavor. Well let’s do that.

    List what adjustment you would like a flavor to have in the provided field, using any of the flavor extracts on the Flavor Vanguard Menu and we will make it happen.

    Let us know how much you are thinking. Do you want your menthol super menthol or only a little? Soft, Normal, and Heavy are common directions when tweaking.

    Finished flavors are often complex so please limit your tweak to one or two flavoring extracts max.

    Some of our flavors just can’t be tweaked making any changes will break it entirely. If this happens with your request we will send you the standard recipe in the size requested with our apology. We just can’t have foul tasting E-Liquid with our name on it out in the world.


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