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FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has extended their crazy application deadline by four years and promises "a greater awareness" of vaping's health advantages.  Vaping will not die in 2018!  There is still a lot of work to do, but this is a GIANT step forward!

Help us save the Vaping Industry and your rights!

View the Official FDA Announcement HERE.

Jump in Now to Stop the Vape Ban!


While we have a multi-pronged federal strategy to 
save this industry, ONE activity requires immediate and full participation from you.

I cannot overstate the importance of this ONE thing we must focus on right now.  Today. If you are ready to help...

This is mission critical and supersedes all other activations which may serve as a distraction to accomplishing this single specific task at the precise time it needs to be carried out, if it is to work.

What is this "one thing?"
We must get YOUR Congressmen to fight to get the predicate date updated in the federal budget bill which is right now being decided amongst key members of Congress.

This will only rise to a level of concern if your Congressman hears from enough voters impacted by the loss of this industry.

We know there are truly enough voters out there who:
Use the products, or
Sell the products, or
Sell TO our industry, or
Love someone in any of those categories.

That number of people, if you add up all of these categories, is likely in the tens of millions voters who care!  But, they don't know they should be acting right NOW unless you tell them.  This makes you very important in this whole effort.  Do you see?

But, YOU must act today.  You are the lynchpin. And, if you do nothing?  You may be the bottleneck stopping up the effort from dozens or hundreds of additional voter voices. It all starts with you!  Because, you are reading this and can share it in all of the places you are able.

You are the connection between SFATA and this entire universe of vapor-loving population.  It all starts with you and your willingness to set aside a small amount of time to step up.

I believe in you and the power of our combined voices to get this done!
In fact, I'm counting on it and have already assured the folks I work with in Washington DC that they will be hearing from an army of voters who want to see this Congress move on this quickly.

Will you prove me right, today?
Here is the priority "ask" I'm making of you to save vapor products from being banned in America.
It has three easy parts:

1Click here to personally contact your Congressmen, asking them to fight to keep the Cole-Bishop Amendment in the budget bill that modernizes the predicate date and saves your business.

Get every single one of your employees to do the same using the consumer link.  You can even track participation to make sure your own team is all doing their part to "Stop the Vape Ban."

Get creative! Ask entire staff to check a box next to their name on a list when they have completed the task and then celebrate your company's contribution to the cause when everyone has done it with a staff pizza party.

2Click here to download and print materials to share with customers  in your shops or the shops of your retail customers, if you are a manufacturer.  Have them activate quickly from their smartphones while you ring them out on their sale!
 We have made this so easy for you!  There are posters, flyers, and even some with tear-off sheets for your customers to take and go if in a hurry!  Here is a sample.

If you have an email list for your customers, email your entire list with THIS LINK and encourage all to act today to protect their access to vapor products.

3. Get every single one of your company's service providers to participate by forwarding them this email so they will also do items #1 and #2 on this list.

Their income is directly tied to your company's survival.  Make sure they understand it is important to you, as their customer, that they do this simple activity.  Tell the people who make money because you are in business that you need their help spreading the word and sending Congress a clear message!

Specifically, these links throughout this email will take you to an easy activation site where you can click and send a request that your Congressmen.

You will be asking him/her for a commitment to fight to preserve the predicate date modernization language contained in the Cole-Bishop Amendment, which is currently already embedded in Section 747 of the House Agriculture Appropriations Bill.  We need that language to "hold" and stay in the final bill they vote out and send to the President. 

We have made it easy for you by pre-writing some things you can say to them on a call, or write to them in an email, or tweet to them.  

You will find all of that done for you already at the links throughout this email.  Now you just need to do your part here.  Click, share, and encourage everyone else to do the same today

If you like technical details, CLICK HERE to read more.
Despite the tremendous efforts we are making with the rest of our strategy, this may be our best chance to change the predicate date so our products can stay on the market.   

Will you pitch in today and do your part?

We know that working in unison and cooperatively with others is the best bet we have as an industry to survive this.

So, please share this alert with others who may not be SFATA members!

Pamela Gorman
Executive Director, SFATA

P.S. I appreciate the commitment our SFATA members make every day to being part of the solution and responsible business owners.  Please don't click away from this email without first clicking through and sending a quick message to your own Congressmen!

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